Ledge Mule Press was founded by Dave Torneo, Ross Gay, and Chris Mattingly in 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana.




chris mattingly


Ledge Mule Press is dedicated to publishing books by poets we love and respect in limited editions of 300 or less, sometimes using letterpress, woodblock print, and a variety of other handmade techniques. But we also use basic conventional forms of printing to make handsome books you don't mind stuffing in your back pocket as you ramble your neighborhood or along a stream-bed or an urban canyon. You might even want to scribble your own poem on the back page. We often present our books to surrounding communities via readings where we sell them at affordable prices. Enjoy!

Our Vision

to publish two books annually by emerging poets, graphic story writer/artists, essayists, etc.

to promote their work via readings in diverse venues—art spaces, coffee houses, neighborhood taverns, basements, and living-rooms.

to encourage a sense of community and love for beautiful as well as rough-edged handmade books, books in general, art, stories, poems, rants.

Press on the Press

Limestone Post did a feature on LMP founder, Dave Torneo in September of 2015.

This piece features LMP founder, Chris Mattingly (bonus: poems from each of the LMP founders).

Ross Gay is featured in this piece, also in Limestone Post, from October of 2015




Ledge Mule Press lives in the historic I. Fell Building at the corner of 4th & Rogers St. in Bloomington, Indiana.

415 W. 4th St., Bloomington, IN, 47403