eleven by Kayte Young


eleven by Kayte Young


Published February 2018 

Graphic Memoir

3 books, 18 pages each, nestled inside

a handcrafted, letterpressed sleeve

Book design by Rose Wehrenberg, Ross Gay, Kayte Young and David Torneo

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In Kayte Young's remarkable graphic triptych, the reader is brought into a deep intimacy through image and text, an intimacy that makes us both witness and ally/ complicit and enraged. These are stories of the oldest kind of violence and yet they manage to feel entirely new to me. Is it possible to learn so much at the same time one's adult self wants to protect and help the protagonist of these stories, these years? I think so. I am smitten and heartbroken and moved beyond every expectation.

--Gabrielle Calvocoressi, author of Apocalyptic Swing and The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart

I do so wish that Kayte hadn’t had to tell these stories yet I'm glad that she had the courage to do so. They carried me into the terrible landscape hidden behind a seemingly ordinary teenage life, a place that wouldn't let go of me, even after I'd returned to the rhythms of my own life.

--Debbie Drechsler, author of Daddy's Girl and Summer of Love

Through a striking blend of imagery and prose Kayte Young’s eleven, chronicles the loss of the female body in childhood and the unexpected way in which it is returned. Each delicately written and illustrated page of this graphic memoir triptych commands its readers to be present and to breathe. And breathe we do, with each vulnerability and hard truth that these stories reveal. We are guided to, and gather at, the shores of Young’s storytelling and leave with a renewed belief in the power and practice of healing. Young’s collection does the rare and miraculous work of sifting prismatic light from impossible darkness; shadows cower in the face of her bravery.

--Yalie Kamara, author of When the Living Sing